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Berlin 8-9.05.2023


Uckermark 14.01.2023



Several dozen hunters take part in the last session of driven hunts (Drückjagd) of the season in the Uchermark region, north of Berlin.

Early in the morning shooters are assigned to posts across the hunting ground. Then, pockets of beaters with short-legged tracking dogs bring the game on the move, driving them toward the shooters. Carcasses of boars and roebucks are then brought back to the basecamp where they are quickly hung and gutted.

Several turns follow with pauses in between. Before dark the catch of the day is laid on a bed of pine branches after which, in a brief closing ceremony, hunters are mentioned after their game tally.

Berlin 25.11.2022


On Black Friday trade and tenant unions, and climate activists have gathered for the initiative "Make Amazon Pay" in support of the world-wide strikes against the multinational enterprise. The rally took place on Warschauerstraße beneath the 140m-high EDGE East Side Berlin otherwise known as "Amazon Tower".

Berlin 21.11.2022


Commemoration on the 30th anniversary of the political murder by neonazis of Silvio Meier on the omonymous street renamed in 2012.

The memorial was supported by "Niemand ist Vergessen" a group of memory activists for the victims of right-wing violence.

Among others, Martina Renner, MP and home affairs spokeswoman for Die Linke spoke at the rally.

Berlin 09.05.2022


On Victory Day the Russian community of Berlin and sympathisers gathered at the Brandenburg Gate before parading along Straße des 17. Juni; later reaching the Soviet  War Memorial in Tiergarten where they commemorated the fallen Soviet soldiers during World War II and the victory over Nazi Germany.


Later in the afternoon commemorations continued at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park where, despite the police ban Russian flags and St. George ribbons were repeatedly displayed. A woman briefly flaunted a DPR separatist flag before being taken away shortly after.


The commemoration at Treptower Park highlighted a mixed presence of pro-Putin supporters, German right-wing elements, Soviet nostalgics, pacifists and members of the antifascist unions.